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filed complaint against Hamare India Credit Cooperative Li Approximate Claim Amount : ₹17,436.00

October 9, 2021

Online Shopping filed complaint against Altastrew 8343917244 Approximate Claim Amount : ₹699.00

June 18, 2021

Online Shopping filed complaint against Naridukaan Customer Care Number//.8 Approximate Claim Amount : ₹9,980.00

June 18, 2021

Online Shopping filed complaint against Amychicks Customer Care Number.(.81 Approximate Claim Amount : ₹8,554.00

June 18, 2021


Success Stories

Automobile Sector - engine default

Deepak purchased a car from a renowned brand but had a bad experienced with engine quality of the vehicle. He was traveling with his family, and suddenly within 500 Km, the car stopped. He got the engine checked by the mechanic who also confirmed that the engine was damaged and need around Rs. 70,000 to get replaced. His concern was that how his new vehicle got seized in just 700kms. He demanded the refund or replacement of the car from the company. He got disappointed from the brand, products and its customer services. Eventually, he took the help of Consumer Sathi to get his issues resolved. We helped Deepak  with proper assistance and fast-tracking resolution for replacement of engine at free of cost.

Deepak Vaishnav

Dec 10, 2018

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How it Works?

How It Works at Consumer Sathi

File a complaint

All you have to do is register with us, fill the form with your complaint regarding a product and brand and choose your preferred plan. Our experts will immediately draft the complaint details and send it to the concerned company to get you the justice.

How It Works at Consumer Sathi

Seek legal help

Contingent upon the situation, if the matter is not ironed out either it is ignored or you are not satisfied then our legal experts would send a legal notice to the company with your approval. Also, our automated process, constant reminders to the company and the real time tracking will not let your case go hidden.

How It Works at Consumer Sathi

Knock on the Consumer Forum

If the company is still reluctant to hear your continuous requests then we have no choice but to ring the bells of the court. At this last stage our legal experts help you create legal complaint and collate the required information to file your case.


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